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Hydrogen Facial



A moisturizing facial that uses hydrotechnology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate.

A hydrogen facial is a multi-step treatment that includes comprehensive skin care such as deep cleaning, neutralization of free radicals, exfoliation of dead skin, oxygenation and nourishment of the skin, and lastly skin revitalization. Combining all these, this facial helps to firm, tone, and plump skin using a multi-step process that helps improve collagen production and muscle tone. Extra care is given specifically to soften and smooth lines around the forehead, eyes, and lips.

A stream of hydrogen-enriched water is simultaneously injected under pressure and released, keeping the skin dry and ensuring that the compounds is delivered to the right tissues. It fights free radicals harmful to the skin, and because its molecules are very small, it easily penetrates skin tissues. Not only does it fight harmful inorganic compounds, but it also cleanses pores, removes blemishes, helps treat inflammation and counteracts the first signs of skin aging. In addition, this treatment is completely safe and non-invasive, and unlike many others – fast and pleasant.

It begins with a pre-cleanse, followed by a diamond-tip dry abrasion is used on areas requiring deeper exfoliation. Afterwards, the hydrogen facial neutralizes the skin of free radicals using a treatment with high pressure water. Here, a pressurized nozzle head treats the skin with a water jet and active hydrogen under high pressure. Nutrients is introduced into the skin and is paired with reactive oxygen to minimize any undesirable signs of skin aging. Afterwards, we exfoliate the dead skin using a specially formulated mixture of acids. This stage prepares the skin to absorb nutrients that will be added into the skin in the next stages of treatment. A soothing antioxidant hydration mask is then applied, which leaves the skin soft and supple. The result is bright, luminous skin that becomes more radiant and appears more youthful due to the facial creating more collagen and elastin. In the facial, your skin is guarded against the influence of free radicals. We infuse your skin with active compounds to slow down skin aging, wrinkles and discoloration. These substances are pressed onto the skin using an LED emitting head.

This stage of the procedure stimulates blood circulation, improves the metabolism of skin cells and increases their regenerative potential. This results from the contraction of collagen fibers and the increase of tension and elasticity of the skin. The effects of the hydrogen facial of the skin are immediately noticeable. Hydrated and nourished skin gains a radiant and healthy colour, is deeply moisturized and revitalized. The treatment also allows the removal of blackheads, narrowing of the widened skin pores, alleviation of inflammation, as well as the normalization of the secretion of sebum. The long-term effect of face hydrogen facial treatment is stimulation of collagen and elastin fibers, increasing the tension and elasticity of the skin, increasing its density. In addition to the treatment of the face, it is possible to perform neck and cleavage treatments, as well as cleansing of the back.

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