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Eyelash Tint


The application of semi-permanent hair dye to darken and define the eyelashes.

Not everyone can be blessed with naturally fluttery eyelashes. Most of us need a wave of mascara to help perfect that doe-eyed look. But imagine if you didn’t have to bother with mascara at all. Not only would you avoid the dreaded under-eye smudge, but it could also mean waking up each morning with picture-perfect eyelashes. Eyelash tinting intensifies your natural lashes by darkening them and adding definition to the eye. It gives you darker, fuller, and longer lashes that won’t melt like mascara even when you’re in the water. It also adds definition and structure to your entire face.

To start, we will prep and clean the lash area. Before tinting, a pre-shaped paper is laid below the eyes to protect them. The dye is left on for 10 minutes before being removed to reveal darker lashes. From start to finish, the whole thing takes just 20 minutes or less. With our lash tinting treatment, you will be able to make your eyelashes look darker, longer and fuller without applying makeup. After the eyelash tinting session, your lashes will look effortlessly long & luscious. Because eyelash tinting also colors the entire strand from the base to the tip, it can also make the lashes appear longer. Your average eyelash tint lasts around a month. Eyelash tints are ideal for anyone with lighter hairs whose eyelashes tend to stand out less due to them being lighter.

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