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Eyebrow tint



The application of semi-permanent hair dye to darken and define the eyebrows.

It’s no secret that eyebrows are one of the most important features on our face. We all have different shapes, sizes, colors, and textures of brows— which means they can give a distinct personality to a face. A perfectly crafted brow makes a world of difference, so it’s no wonder we spend so much time perfecting them with our various gels, powders, pencils, and the like. Now imagine this: you wake up in the morning with those impeccably perfected Instagram brows without ever lifting a finger. Sound too good to be true? Say hello to the art of eyebrow tinting.

The tinting process only takes around 15 minutes. To start, we will prep and clean the brow area and mix a custom shade specifically for you. We try our best to give the most natural enhancement possible and ensure accurate color-matching. Each brow is then filled with semi- permanent dye to instantly create a fuller, thicker brow. In addition to adding depth and dimension to a look, brow tinting can also add length to the end of a brow, where our hairs tend to be lighter and finer. It lasts for approximately three to four weeks before the tint slowly begins to fade away.

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